The week from hell


You can take your CV and shove it, missy.

Ever had one of those weeks?

It has been an all-out shocker for me.

Over the last few weeks I have been madly applying for jobs and going to interviews. That in itself is stressful enough, right?

I had all my hopes pinned on this one company, a place I have wanted to work at for a while. The interview was on Thursday, and they informed me that they’d either be in contact tomorrow (Friday) or early next week. No calls on Friday so I spent the weekend biting my fingernails. Kept my phone on me through work on Monday, no calls. Starting to FREEEEEAK OUT people! On Tuesday, at 4.30pm, I felt my pocket start to vibrate. Of course, I was in the middle of an examination with a patient. Can’t exactly drop everything and run out of the room can you? So I waited, and called them back just before 5, only to be informed by the nice receptionist that the guy I needed to contact had just left for the day, and to call beck tomorrow.


So I suffered through a night of torture, and got barely any sleep, thanks to my stupid brain that wouldn’t stopp OBSESSING.

The next morning, between patients, I rang back.

I was told that they had interviewed seventeen people, and only had enough room in the budget to employ four. And while I was a ‘sweet girl’ who had ‘interviewed well’, I hadn’t made the cut. I thanked him and hung up. I should have asked for feedback on the interview, how I can improve my chances for the future etc, but when your vision gets blurry with unfallen tears it’s a fair sign to end the conversation.

Anyway, there was no time to wallow; the clinic where I was doing placement was nearly fully booked that day and I had to suck it up and be nice to people (while internally cursing the world). For lunch I ate my weight in McDonalds to try and numb the pain, but alas I still felt shitty.

Naturally, that same afternoon I got a phone call from another company where I had interviewed (my plan B, FYI) and was informed, similarly, that I had not made the cut. Way to crush my self esteem in two swift blows, people!!!

Okay, I thought to myself, at least the worst of it is over and I got all the rejection out in one hit. WRONG. The next day I recieved a rejection email from a company who hadn’t even asked me for an interview. Cool.

Of course, one of my friends from uni got the job I had so coveted, and all the other girls had recieved offers from the other two companies that had rejected me. Sure, I am super happy for them, but every time they discuss their awesome prospects and signing of contracts blah blah blah, a piece of my soul is smushed under the vindictive heel of my own circumstances.

Sahhhhh poetic. FML.

Rant over.


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