Up in the clouds

My top stoner songs:

Perf for driving at night, chilling out or, of course, getting blazed =]

1. Bullet Train – Stephen Swartz feat. Joni Fatora

Moving like the speed of sound
Feet can’t keep on the ground
Can’t stay in one place
Keep moving like a bullet train

2. Walk On By (Sound Remedy Remix) – Noosa

You’re showing me colours of the sky
But all I see is grey
You lost me when you lied
I don’t ever wanna be crowned
Just another prize
It breaks my heart

3. Love me Lots (Bridge & Law Remix) – Ain’t No Love

Mama says she loves me
It shows lots and lots
I wonder if she loves me
When I’m hustlin’ on the block

4. Bitch, Don’t Kill my Vibe – Kendrick Lamar

I am a sinner
who’s probably gonna sin again
Lord forgive me

5. Finally Moving – Pretty Lights

Oh, sometimes I get a good feeling

6. Sleepless – Flume Feat. Jezzabell Doran

I see a star fallong from the sky
Should I catch it?

7. Nomads Feat. The Weekend – Ricky Hil

Should have known from the start
What we got can’t leave this room
And I ain’t playing with your heart
It’s just a habit to let bitches know the truth

8. Fuck U All The Time – Jeremih (Shlomo Remix)

I could fuck you all the time
I could fuck you all the time

9. Me – The 1975

I got a plane in the middle of the night, don’t you mind
I nearly killed somebody, don’t you mind don’t you mind

10. Dust Clears – Clean Bandit

As the dust clears and it all starts to disappear
It may get harder ’cause you just restarted
And wherever you are, land on another star!
It may get harder ’cause you just restarted


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