I guess that’s that

My brother’s last relationship spanded over 6 years, ending over a year ago.

This girl was like an older sister to me during my teen years, and I looked up to her. She helped me get my first job (at a fish and chip shop), went shopping with me, and always gave me boy advice. It sucked when they broke up. They don’t talk anymore, but I had hoped, if enough time had passed, maybe she and I could be friends again. I asked her to meet me for a coffee the other day.

I didn’t tell my brother. He would say that he couldn’t care less if I saw her, but who knows if that’s how he really feels. So I didnt tell him. Is that a betrayal? I don’t even know.

I hadn’t seen her in so long. Her hair is longer, blonder… she is the same but different. Still bubbly but so … mature? She has her life all together.

It was so good to see her but at the same time it highlighted just how much we’ve grown apart. I wish I could still talk to her like a sister, be comfortable around her, but that isn’t the way it is.

I guess that’s how life works sometimes.


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