Nightmares and red wine


Intense dream last night.
I had escaped from a murderer, only to discover a second murderer had killed the first guy, and decided to “finish the job”.

Naturally, I tried to communicate with his past victims to get some assistance (yeah, I don’t know how I got to that conclusion). I closed my eyes, and visualised the world of the dead. I tried to pull a girl (with some sort of ‘mind lasso’) back with me, but ended up getting her pet rat instead (?). I could feel something warm in my hands and when I opened my eyes I was holding the bloody entrails of some creature.

And some lady was standing in front of me repeating the phrase “Mary Maverick, back from the dead” over and over again.
(Later I googled the name. Apparently Mary Maverick is a pioneer of Texas in the 1800s. I live in Australia so Wtf Mary, if you are sending me a message do your damn research).

At this point I thought I woke up. I could see a dark shadow at the end of my bed but when I opened my mouth to speak, I gasped and couldn’t breathe. I tried to move but it felt like something was pressing down on me. There was ringing in my ears, my heart was pounding. I forced myself to calm down, by slowing my gasping breaths and thinking rationally. And then the whole sensation stopped… I am still unsure if this was part of the dream or something else.

I spent the rest of the night in Mum’s bed, woke up late for uni, and ended up skipping my shower and breakfast. The whole experience has taught me not to drink four glasses of red wine before bed.


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