From South Australia to Far North Queensland

Since I moved North, I have noticed a few things about the people up here that differ from back home.

  • Instead of ‘pool’ or ‘school’, they say ‘pewl’ and ‘skewl’. Bathers, or bikinis, are called ‘toggs’, and a third person is often referred to as ‘old mate’. As in, ‘Hey Em, can you pass this to old mate over there?’ 
  • It’s always hot. Even when it’s cold, it’s hot. My roommate with complain about the ‘freezing’ mornings while I still need an air-conditioner to get to sleep. In summer, you need approximately five showers a day, give or take.  
  • The traffic lights take forever to change. Get caught at a red light, expect to be there a while. I’m used to it now, but when I first got here I had some serious impatience induced road-rage.
  • Far fewer coffee snobs than down south. Is it because it’s too hot to drink coffee? Either way, it took me a long time to scope out all the decent coffee spots.
  • Almost everyone has a tattoo, or many. An ink-less person is a rarer sight than an inked one. Me and my cool temporary tattoos I bought online don’t fit in here.   


Oh, and there’s one more thing that really gets me about this place. Beaches, beaches everywhere but not a spot to swim.

Yeah, and when it’s not stingers, its crocodiles